Peru 2018! Miraflores

Travelers arriving in Peru will probably fly into Lima and if they are lucky they get a stay in posh Miraflores.

Miraflores is a relatively safe part of the city Lima. Located by the water, you will be amazed at the steep cliffs that lead down to the ocean. I would assume it gets pretty sunny and warm there due to its location but maybe because I was there off season there was a long lasting morning fog the few days I was there. The afternoons were perfect though.

My hotel was a short walk to this fancy outdoor mall with water views. I didn’t go shopping but I did eat breakfast there one morning.

Miraflores itself doesn’t take that long to explore by foot. There are plenty of good ceviche opportunities to take advantage of as well. I also enjoyed my journey of pisco sours.

Miraflores is a nice peaceful start to a Peruvian vacation, especially if you plan to do some hiking or high altitude activities.

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