UK : Bath

As part of one of our day trips from London we stopped in the town of Bath. It was my second trip to bath, my first being during a coach tour in 1995. It is a lovely city that can be visited in a day but probably worth an overnight stay.

The main attraction for Bath is the Roman Baths.

Our tour guide gives us a coin that is our admission ticket to the baths.

The baths were created by the Romans and the town later enjoyed by Britons. The ancient baths are pretty well preserved.

Geothermal energy makes the water temperature warm where it would normally be cold.

They had a nice little light show with this set of artifacts.

Little notes were passed back and forth in the baths.


Outside the baths the Bath Abbey isn’t bad to look at.

We stopped at little tourist cafe for lunch and were pleasantly surprised by the food.

Almond tart.

Loaded bake potato

Nice big Mediterranean style salad.

Finally we had some nice views of the famous Pulteney Bridge. This bridge always makes me think of Jane Austen.

I love all the house boats in English waterways!

I really wanted to try these but I resisted.

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