More London Time

Convent Garden

One can spend a whole week in London and not get the full fill of the city. Below are some of the highlights from my last trip.

Covent Garden

Nearby is the location of the first performance of Punch and Judy puppet show.

The famous Westminster Abbey

London Eye
We didn’t visit it but admired it from afar.

Another big ben photo op.

Visit to Paddington Station
Paddington is getting a lot of press lately due to his upcoming movie.

It is hard to see but “Miso Hungry”

We took a walk to the gorgeous views at The Regent’s Park to bask in the sun.


Later we ate the  Persian restaurant Sadaf.

I loved my lamb biryani.

Honey Cocoa Cake

We walked by this place and all of its delightful sweets.

And yummy looking prepared foods.

Part of a day was spent at the Science Museum which is located in a complex of museums that includes the Natural History Museum (which we skipped due to long lines).

The science museum was nice but next time we will definitely visit the natural history museum instead.

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