Doctor Who?

Dr who weeping angel

A large group on my friends are big fans of Dr. Who (Dr. Who is a long running science fiction series on PBS). My husband recently became a fan. Since a new season with a new doctor was to begin last weekend, he decided he wanted to throw a Dr.Who premiere party at our house. I was reluctant to help plan the event but after seeing his excitement with planning the event I decided to help out.
My contribution started out as volunteering to make the Dalek cakes. I followed the linked recipe for the ingredients and searched online for inspiration for the decoration. After some research I decided I needed this pop up pan to make my cakes. It worked out well forming cupcakes with just the right slant. I just had to trim a bit off the bottoms to make the robot’s bottom flat. I substituted whole wheat flour for white flour and no one noticed.

The ingredients called for melted chocolate mixed with heavy cream. It was a liquidity mess pouring this over the cakes.

I tried to attach six-lets to the side but they kept falling off. When I tried to move some cakes around, they fell apart.

I pieced them back together and continued my decoration. I used pocky, signs, and food spray paint.

I was so disappointed with the way they turned out but the guests really loved them. Plus the cake was pretty good too. (Hint: Secret ingredient in cake mix was amaretto).

After I was done constructing cakes, I helped my husband with some of his decorations.

This was on the ceiling of the bathroom to creep out the guests as well as some eyeliner so you can remember that you saw him.

Angry weeping angel finds you when you close the door. Don’t blink!

After guests arrived, they could cut out their own mask.

Or make their own cute Adipose.

Our guests brought over some more fun treats as well.

Sonic Screwdrivers

Cybermites (rum balls)

Jelly babies

For non-sweets we had Silurian pods, bowtie pasta, green stuff was for the Radioactive-Spuds. We also had k-9 dogs (hot dogs) and fish fingers (not pictured).

And finally I tried my hand at food craft once more. I made marshmallow Adipose.

The night was fun for all. I even enjoyed watching the episode. Ssssh don’t tell my husband but I may be enjoying this Dr. Who more and more 😉

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