London – Hyde Park

One great thing to do while visiting the great city of London is to take a stroll around Hyde Park.
Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London. It contains many trails and some waterways.

You can spend all day wandering around this park but one part that should not be missed is speakers corner.
At speakers corner you will find lively debaters hashing out topics on any given day.

Discussions sometimes get heated but they never get violent. Spending some time here makes me long for a time when we can have spirit debates in the USA that don’t result in violence.

 Even kids can listen in on the action.

Carlos had a lively debate with this fellow.

This sweet looking lady was full of opinions and could hold her own.

Someone even took a break from penny-farthing to watch.

Hyde Park and Speaker’s Corner is a must see for any London visitor.

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