Why I continue to run

Recently I read one of those articles – with the before and after picture of a person telling me how running is bad and weight training is good.
Yes, I know the advantages of weight training. Weight training is good. Building more muscle burns more calories. Weight training allows you to “shape” your body better.
And last year my doctor told me to stop running. Said I didn’t have the body type for it; said I should do other activities instead.
Friends and acquaintances tell me how running is not fun, and I often agree with them.
I have so many runs where I just want to give up.
I still have problems with weight loss even when running.

So why do I continue to run?

1. Exercise is better than no exercise

Running may not be the best form of exercise but it still burns calories. When I start doing my long runs I burn many calories and do start to see weight loss.
1.5 hours jogging is better than 1.5 hours on the couch in front of boob tube.
If I can’t be motivated to do anything but run isn’t it better that I run?

2. Still haven’t gotten a big injury. 

Many runners complain about injuries. I carry an extra 20+ pounds when I run and besides sore bunions I have never really had an injury that has put me out for a considerable amount of time.

3. Goal setting

 Running helps me with goal setting. When I get a race on the schedule my life just flows better. I have scheduled workouts that I accomplish. I am better able to manage my time because I am forced to. During running season I find myself accomplishing much more in my professional life.

4. There is a high

 I starting running about 9 years ago and it took me a while to finally get a runners high. I only get it once in a while but when it comes it is nice. You feel like you are on top of the world.

5. Camaraderie

Running can be a social activity. I have made friends through running and strengthened existing friendships by realizing we have a common hobby. I don’t usually run races with friends but I enjoy meeting them before and after races. I like talking about our running experiences.

5. Some races are fun

Races can be like huge parties but the admission is just completing a run first. Disney puts on some great after parties at the theme parks. Many races now have free beer afterwards. I really enjoy the races that have musical acts playing along the course.

6. Competition

I am so slow but even I get to pass up people in races. Sometimes you just want to be better at something than someone else. There is always someone to beat or to try to beat. (It just blows when the 70 year-old passes me up!!!)

7. I have more energy

During running season I get less tired. I can hang out longer without getting tired. My volleyball skills improve. I am in a better mood.

8. Because I want to.

This reason should supersede all other reasons. Isn’t it really about what I want to do and not about others?
As long as this activity still makes me happy I keep running……

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