Brooklyn : Green-Wood Cemetery

Wandering around Brooklyn on one of our last new york trips, we decided to visit Green-Wood Cemetery. My obsession with old cemeteries made it a must on our itinerary of the New York borough.

This cemetery has its fair share of famous burials: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Louis Comfort Tiffany, William Magear “Boss” Tweed. But even without its famous residents, the architecture of the burials would be notable.
Our visit was on a cold December day. I had to bundle up on that day.

Even the entrance to the cemetery is like an old Gothic church. Notice the stone reliefs.

Calming pathways make their way around the grounds.

 Not sure this is a famous family but you can tell they are a family with money. Look at this mausoleum that looks like a house inviting you over to visit.

The chapel

More notable mausoleums at the cemetery. I couldn’t find information on them, but they are still intriguing to look at.

Nice pretty old mausoleum.

Some choose to have photos etched in the tombs.

Francis Baretto Spinola was the first Italian-American elected to Congress.

Celtic cross.

Finally notice this encryption style crypt. It would be interesting to know what goes through the mind of families when they are designing these for their family. In this case I think one person buried here dedicated part of their life to Egyptian study and inspired the design.

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