India: New Delhi & Noida Part 1

Earlier this year I was sent to Noida, India for a work trip. Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) is a small city just outside of New Delhi. This city is a home to numerous outsourcing IT firms.
I was there because my company is using resources of a local company there to help us with some of our IT support. I invited my husband to come along with me. He worked remotely in the hotel while I went to the office. After my work assignment was complete, we planned a tour of parts of northern India.
We only scheduled a day or so for seeing New Delhi. One day was not enough to see the main attractions; partly much of our time got sucked up in shopping emporiums (I will talk more about that later). I recommend spending 2-3 days max in the city. New Delhi is crowded and highly polluted. The city just topped the list in the poorest air quality. Your lungs will thank you if you only spend a couple days here.

One of the first local trips we took was with a bus load of co-workers of mine to the Dilli Haat. The Dilli Haat is a market that features rotating craftsman. You can go here to get some deals on Indian made goods. But you have to haggle – they will always start really high so you need to start low. I am terrible at haggling so probably got ripped off most of the trip. Unfortunately the market was closed for a holiday when we first chose to visit. But that didn’t stop us from viewing the few vendors set up outside the market. Some in our group chose to get Henna done while we were there.

I did make it back to Dilli Haat later to buy a couple of pashmina shawls.

Many things were closed for Republic Day while we were out on our first tour. Republic day celebrates the day India adopted their constitution after British rule was ended there. Everyone takes to the streets. There are parades and celebrations.

Celebration at the India gate

Traffic was quite congested that day. While it didn’t make a great day for sightseeing, it was great for people watching. People in India are quite skilled at the art of carpooling.

Some more pictures of things observed around town.

During the week we walked over to this mall. It was a large mall with many stores you would find in the US and some others specific to India. My co-worker called the walk there “running the gauntlet” because once locals noticed westerners coming, they would send their kids over to harass you for money until you made it to the mall.
More Noida – you will notice things don’t look quite finished around here.

More to come in India: New Delhi & Noida Part 2

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