Another day in Edinburgh

For my visit to Edinburgh last year I only scheduled a couple of days dedicated to sightseeing. I wish we would have scheduled more. The beginning of our trip is documented in this post.
I think we would have been able to see more if the weather was slightly warmer. I think the frigid temperatures kept us snuggled at our B & B longer than we normally would have.

Our B & B was wonderful. After reading many reviews, we chose the 94DR. The facilities were at a luxury level but at a 3 star hotel price. Each room is charmingly named after scotch whiskies. We happened to stay in the Macallan. The owners and the others who run the B  & B were extremely friendly and welcoming. They gave us great sightseeing advice and the breakfasts were amazing.

 Honor Bar

One of the popular things to do while in Edinburgh is climb Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s seat was in walking distance from our B & B and one day we decided to make the climb.

Later in the day we decided it was a good idea to do some more climbing. We ascended up to Calton Hill to see all the monuments and views from there.

Cemetery on the way

As I said earlier, we should have scheduled more time in Edinburgh. We didn’t even get to explore the new town. I guess we have another excuse to go back. See you again someday Edinburgh.

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