Foz Iguazu

During our trip to Brazil we made a stop to the amazing Iguazú Falls. The water from the falls flows into the Iguazu river which at some point touches Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay in the same place.

We stayed at the economical and clean Paudimar Hostel that had private rooms. The hostel was able to arrange a tour for us that included a raft ride into the river to get a great view of the falls. Additionally we got to view the falls from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides.

While viewing the falls we met up with a cool group of fellow travelers and spent most of the day viewing with our new friends.

The falls are contained within a park and we were able to view some local wildlife as well.


And some very brave butterflies.

The best part is when the sun hit the falls just right and produced some beautiful rainbows.

The falls were a sight to remember. If you get a chance, you must visit.

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