I have a full on eco-system going on in the backyard. On a regular basis I catch a new pest or two.
This guy (or those like him) have been hanging around for a while now. They pretty much set up webs anywhere they want to in the yard. This spinybacked orbweaver claims to be beneficial so I won’t destroy its home unless it is directly in my way.

In other news, I also saw a Tarantula Hawk in the yard the other day. I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo but the wasp was quite big. In fact I first thought I was following a hummingbird, until it stopped on the key lime bush. Some reading up on it told me that it will pretty much leave me alone unless provoked (then it is the worst wasp pain you can have). However it will totally take down a tarantula – there is a video on youtube to prove it.

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