Meeting a goal

Last Saturday’s race was not even going to happen. It is too hot out. I don’t want to run in the heat. I had 6 miles on the schedule to prepare for the big run this Saturday. But I signed up anyway. It was the annual Autumn Rock and Run 5k race. The autumn part must be a joke – it is still summer here. Bands play along the course. My husband wanted to run it and I at the last minute decided to join him. Besides there being a cute shirt this year that I might actually wear when I am not working out, it was a good race for me. My goal was limited – I just wanted to get under 38 (Have I mentioned that I am slow?). Fortunately I finished in 37 minutes exactly. That is good news for me. I am getting faster, even in the terrible heat. Imagine what I can accomplish when it cools down finally!
Feeling the early signs of a migraine (I can tell when they might come) I decided it was a bad idea to enjoy my FREE organic beer at the finish line (poor me)! It didn’t matter, I ended up getting one anyway. I caught it too late and ended up throwing everything up. After about 5 hours I was much better. Time only can heal when I get a full on migraine. Luckily I catch most of them early on and treat them with OTC medicine.
But I am happy I met a goal.
I can’t wait until it cools down!

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