Pre-Run meals

One concern I have with running is pre-race nutrition. It has been a goal to find that perfect pre-race meal; the meal that will sustain me and not weigh me down. I found that I was really bad at carb starving pre-race (see my my first half-marthon recap). Instead of carb starving I enjoyed wine and fried foods prior to my first big run.
A 11 mile run was on the schedule this past weekend. I finally had a chance to test out a pre-run meal. The meal was simple: Salmon (baked and brushed with lime, olive oil, fresh garlic, salt & pepper), steamed sweet potato, and a salad (mixed greens, tomato, black olives, bit of feta, lime juice).
The result is……a fantastic run. I had plenty of energy and nothing weighed me down. I might stick with this formula for my upcoming races.
What is your favorite pre-race meal?

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