Map My Fun

Some may have heard me complain on how inaccurate Map My Run has been at tracking my mileage and pace. At first it was real cute – especially when it would tell me my first mile was completed in 6 minutes (at best I can run a mile at 11:30 – and that is my 5K pace). I soon learned that my mileage did not add up correctly. I struggled through races thinking I was further than I was until I would see a mile marker that would slap me in the face again; My running group always had their GPS at another mile marker when I checked. I could have kept lying to myself but I really do want to improve my half-marathon pace and not just screw around. I really want this thing to work correctly. After using it for 10 months consistently I have finally discovered why it might not be working for me. I am too damn slow for it. The application cannot handle what I consider running (which is a combination of slow running and 1 minute walking intervals). Today I switched the setting to “interval” training and voila. My last training seemed much closer to the true pace and mileage. Hopefully this problem is resolved because I am in the home stretch to my next big race.

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