Winter Sangria

From Food

It is that time of year again, time for me to make a red sangria – one of my favorite drinks to make. It is so simple. This time I halved the recipe. Double everything below for more (I like to mix half Beaujolais and pinot noir together).
1 cup grapes
1 cup apple juice
1/3 cup Grand Marnier
1 tbsp sugar
2 cloves
1 orange (blood or navel)
1 bottle fruity wine (I like Beaujolais)
1 cinnamon stick
1 lemon
1 apple

Cut up fruit and mix it all in an attractive pitcher. Cover and chill over night in the refrigerator. Serve chilled or on ice.

Warning: This is not fruit juice, it is really strong….don’t make the mistake one of my family members did and pour yourself too much at once.

From Food

My recipe is inspired by a similar recipe from Cooking Light (December 2004). For a similar recipe, see here.

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