Epcot Food and Wine 2011

It is that time of year again. Every fall, Epcot hosts a Food and Wine Festival. There are many food and alcohol events during that time but most are a separate admission price. We usually go once or twice a year – once as a large group and another time to sample the goodies we missed while hanging out with the group. Our group event was on a Saturday this year. We had another one of those perfect Florida weather days. It appears that everyone in Orlando decided to visit the park on this day. I was able to sample a couple of dishes. Some of them included Feijoada (Brazilian dish), beef skewer with chimmichurri, cheese fondue, and pumpkin mousse. My favorites from the first day included the Argentinean Skewer and the pumpkin mousse. We also enjoyed many beverages, many in France, on this day.

Cosmo Slush

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

Grand Marnier Slushie – tastes like a Cream Cycle

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

Lydia enjoyed the lobster claw

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

Carlos had the coq a vin

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

And you can’t go wrong with some Rosa Regale

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

At some point during the day, we got an infused tequila sampler. The jalapeno tequila was the best.

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

On the second visit, I was able to try a few more dishes.
I enjoyed the pork sliders in Hawaii (with Mai Tai).

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

Finally the Greek Cheese.

From Epcot2011v2.0 2011-10-30

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