First Official Harvest

Harvest Day
This week I had my first official harvest. What I mean is this is the first piece of food that I have grown from seed that I will be able to eat. We have picked cherry tomatoes before, but those don’t count since they came from a plant we purchased.
The harvest this week is a yellow squash accompanied by some thai basil. I picked the squash at 5 inches, I probably should have let it grow to 6 but I wanted to get it before a bug tried to ruin it.

Butterfly Garden
The second part of the butterfly garden is done. I have been diligently nursing the new flowers to make sure the summer heat doesn’t cook them before they become established. A few rains lately have seemed to stabilize them. Hey Butterflies, have you noticed the vacancy sign?!? Move in specials!!!

Coming soon to a future harvest:

Juliet and Cherry tomatoes

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