sweat, the vatican, drunkeness [Jul. 3rd, 2004|10:36 am]
I arrive yesterday morning fresh from my nap on the plane and I finally found my hostel by the train station. I was imediately greeted by Nikki and her friend Cliff (the boy who got stuck in the belly of the bus in Greece). Apparently he and his traveling companions decided to come to Rome coincidently. When I arrived, too early to check into room so we went sight seeing. We grabbed a bus at the train station to see Vatican city. It was amazing. I, like most americans see St. Peters Basilica only on TV and never give it another thought. But being there, you will understand the importance of religion in Roman everyday lives. The money and time that was spent to create what i can only discribe as masterpieces. The vatican additionally has a great collection of art. We followed up our tour of the vatican with a visit to the sistine chapel – something that you will also have to see for yourself. Interesting enough, our tour guide told us that Michelangelo didn’t even want to paint the sistine chapel. We are all glad he did.

Blurry indoors of St Peters

Nikki, Cliff, I and cliff’s other traveling companions decided we were going to get drunk last night. We to Rome’s equivalent of a happy hour. It only lasted until 9:30 so we went off to find another bar recommended by our hostel. When we find it, we discover beers to be 5-7 euros, definitely not within my companions’ budget. We ultimately end up buying wine bottles and beer and find a nice piazza to drink the night away. We meet three guys who have the same idea and drink with us. We go back to the original bar for a while an dance. Much more I don’t remember, I guess Nikki and someone else help me to my bed. I woke up to a loud thump from the street in this noisy hostel. I feel like something that the street sweeper picked up from our piazza last night. I need to get over it and just go cause much more to see and alot more sweating to do.

The colesseum, roman forum, etc [Jul. 3rd, 2004|04:59 pm]

Hungover as I was from yesterday’s drinking adventure, we didn’t get started until about noon. Believe it or not, we got alot done in a matter of hours. Our journey started as we walked a couple of our new friends to the train station because they were off to a new destination 😦 We almost broke down and bought Mc Donalds(hangover cure) but we stopped ourselves and bought nice cheap sandwiches instead. Besides, Mc. Donalds isn’t as cheap here. We walked down to the Colosseum and ate our yummy sandwiches in front of the colesseum under a shaded tree. The struture had me in awe. It was so great, I tried to imagine what it would have been like to be a Roman watching the debachery and slaughter in this monument. Because Nikki and Andrew had already been inside, I decided I will come back on my day alone in Rome.

Next we wandered over to the Roman Forum. From a distance it looks like just a bunch of bricks and stones lying around. We however happened upon a free tour (like the one we had at Basilica di San Pietro). Through the tour, the roman forum came alive for us. We learned of saints being grilled alive and an old emperor’s indiscretions with a horse. The view from the top had me speechless.

Later we visited the Trevi fountain and made our two coin tosses (One to return to rome, and one a wish). It was spectacular also but was spoiled a little by the crowd and street vendors.

Finally we visited the spanish steps, took pictures of course and walked to the top.

I am happy because we found an internet place where I can check my aol mail, it didn’t seem to work in the hostel. Speaking of the hostel we are in, it is great. The people who work there are very nice and cool, and we are meeting many new people there. A charming and playful kitten also wanders around (it lives there). The “cute” kitten gnawed on my hand when I tried to pick it up. Spunky kitten. My only complaint about the hostel is the showers. Cold water, small water stream, and no pressure make a poor shower. Well, enough for now. We have a couple more things to see today and then a nice dinner. Tomorrow I suspect we are heading south to isle of capri and pompeii. See ya later.

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