New clothes

My favorite. Wrap dress one. Like the pattern and the fit.

My new clothes are done. I am mostly happy. The nicer dress didn’t come out quite like I expected but I like my jumpsuit and wrap dresses. I think the swatches got mixed up for my second wrap dress but luckily I like the pattern I get instead. I also picked up my custom made shoes (jury is out if I am satisfied with them – it is too hot for the boots where I live now).

If I ever return to town I’ll have some custom made pants made. It is so hard to find pants to fit my body type in stores. The whole process was initially intimidating but in the future I’ll design clothes like a pro!

Aaaah, I am in Hoi An

I am in Hoi An, Vietnam. I have heard many praises about this place but wasn’t sure what to expect. I anticipate liking it as well and book about a week in Hoi An. I end up loving it.

I book a really nice resort recommended by a couple I met during my travels. Luckily I had a good number of credit card points to offset the cost. I say it is expensive for Vietnam it is but the cost is $50 a night; quite a deal compared to what you would get in other countries. The hotel is on separate island from the main town of Hoi An but it is only a mile or so walk to the main tourist areas. There is a periodic shuttle to town but I end up walking there myself on most days.

Hoi An Odyssey Hotel

my view
Hotel pool at night

When I arrive it is raining again. I settle in my room and get dinner at the hotel restaurant. There are not any others dining.

The next morning I am off to get some clothes made. It is imperative I do my orders soon because it can take 3 days for the clothes to be sewed. There are so many choices and it is overwhelming. I end up choosing a place my hotel recommends. Not the cheapest tailor but they have a good reputation for quality.

I begin the couple mile walk. I could get a taxi but I feel I need the exercise.

Some of many tailors in town.

I choose designs and patterns. Many have fancy suits made but I end up ordering one wrap dress, one more formal dress, and one pant jumpsuit. Afterwards I go to have some shoes designed close by. I’ll come back a couple times for fittings at both places. After my first dress fitting I decide to order an additional wrap dress since they seem to be easy to make and are flattering.

After ordering my clothes I walk around town. There is a ticket you buy to each of the sites but I just view them from the outside instead. I like just hanging out in town and people watching.

I stop in a cafe for lunch. I order some chicken stir fried with noodles and vegetables.

After my lunch I walk back toward my hotel.

It is hot out so I enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the pool with a cocktail and apparently a new kitty to take home.

Loving my time in Hoi An thus far.