Ladybugs dig dill

I was out collecting dill seeds this afternoon and a noticed a lady bug chowing down on some pests on my dying dill plant. I spent ten minutes taking photos and all I got was these two blurry ones. The lady was like “chill out iPhone paparazzi” and then flew away. I like the photo with the big white eyes staring me down. Also below is a photo of some of the seeds collected.

Dill Seeds

The dill plants are producing seeds. This is one of many seed producers in the garden. The first attempt at storing seeds became a moldy mess and I had to throw them out. The next batch was left to dry out on paper towels for a couple days before storage. Another batch was just thrown into the summer garden (an update on a later date about that). The only say I can say is that I did a terrible job at spreading the seeds. It is one big clump of dill. There are still more to collect and I will be doing that the next couple of weeks.