Tomatoes and Beans

The tomato seedlings are doing well. Nothing else I started from seed started to grow. I decided to fill the holes with some more tomato seeds.

The bigger plants have been transplanted to a larger container until they are big enough to add to the garden.

Pinto beans are doing well in the square food gardens for now. I get to reuse the bamboo that my co-worker gave me from my backyard for bean support. A thick cutting from one of my bushes is also put to use for support.

August Garden: Summer Cleanup and New Arrivals

Some old friends are still in the garden and some new have recently joined. This is what is enduring the August heat for now….

New Citronella plant and marigold. Trying something new to fend off mosquitos.

It was time for some thyme to be added back to the garden. Purchased a thyme plant so we had fresh herbs on hand.

Summer crop of pinto beans sprouting while the garden waits for fall crops.

Spinach is still doing well. Now that the squash is removed it has room to grow.

Tomato seedlings preparing for the fall.

Now that the squash is gone, the collards have room to thrive. They do love those semi-shady days though.

Needed some fresh basil so I put another store bought plant in the garden.

These chives keep on kicking year after year. This is their best year yet. Can’t wait to throw them in various recipes.

We have a few of these sickly kale plants spread throughout the garden. I can’t seem to pull them out yet though. Part of me thinks they will beat the heat and the bugs.