Pineapple Update

If you remember what happened to the poor pineapple I have good news for you. The plant has been relocated to a part of the garden that will get slightly less rainfall (no roof runoff). The resulting pineapple was cut up a couple days later and it was delicious. The size was small but the fruit was extra juicy and sweet. A big win in the backyard fruit category. The leftovers from the pineapple are being used to make a new pineapple plant. My attempt at doing this in the past was not successful but I am willing to try once more.

August Garden: Fruits

Persian Lime is growing well. No flowers at this time but we are hopeful for the upcoming year.

Grapes are ripening. This year we are making an effort to enjoy them before they go bad. A visit to the garden every couple of days gives us a snack of Muscadine grapes.

The pineapple grows slowly but it gets larger. I can’t wait until it is ready.


In October 2010 I purchased a pineapple plant sold at a plant sale for the UCF Arboretum at the University of Central Florida.

For over two years I have managed to not kill off this plant (unlike past pineapple plant attempts, which I thought I blogged about but apparently never did).

But the plant just sat there in the yard and did nothing.

When we returned back from our lovely two week trip in the United Kingdom (more details later) I was excited to find that the pineapple plant was actually producing, well, a pineapple.


The more I garden, the more I am finding that plants do better when I leave them alone. Survival of the fittest backyard garden style.