Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

My aunt visited me in town for Thanksgiving and she really wanted to go see the Macy’s parade. I have seen it once before but not loving crowds I had little desire to go.
However I noticed a friend who is a Macy’s employee had extra tickets for stadium seating. I didn’t have to stand up the whole time? Sign me up. One catch, it will be the coldest parade on record.
We meet at 3:30 AM to get in line for the stadium seating. There are already many people in line. We try our best to keep warm.

We end up right up front at the beginning of the parade.  It is lots of sitting and waiting and we are very cold. Our blankets and hand warmers are not enough. We might die out there. We watch them rehearse and tape the beginning of the parade

And as the sun comes up it gets even colder.

Luckily the parade starts. We hear all the announcements as the balloons line up.

We didn’t get to see any celebrities perform but we did see them go by in their floats.
Here is Diana Ross.

And then we reached the end and Santa. Despite the cold, the whole experience was a treat and we had a great time.

Peru 2018! Aguas Calientes

After our day at Machu Picchu we journey down to Aguas Calientes or Machupicchu town to meet for a celebratory meal and get our bags. I arrive early because I am beat and a cold is starting to take me down. I look around for some medicine and water and find a nice place to sit after wandering for only a few minutes.

Luckily where I chose to sit has a great view of a parade coming through town.

Soon it is time to meet up with the group again. There are pisco sours and there are congratulations.

We try some guinea pig. It is amazing.

For my meal I chose the trout. It was very good as well.

The tour leaders just discovered that we have a newly engaged couple (at machu picchu) in our midst. We toasted this adorable couple!

A couple drinks later and we are running with our bags to catch our train.
From the train we take a bus back to cusco. Many got beers but of course I had a headache and was already buzzing so I skipped getting more drinks.
Music was playing on the ride. We sang aloud. So much fun and great way to wind down.
2200 Steps

The next day in Cusco was a waste. I am so tired and so sick at that point. I did almost no sightseeing.
Another one to add to the “I must return” list. We are now off to the amazon.

Just another day in New Orleans

I traveled to New Orleans in January 2010 for a wedding. It was a fabulous wedding that I will talk about in another post.
One thing that is for certain in New Orleans is that you will either run into a parade or party or both. While we were there one of the parades we got to see was Buddy’s Brawds. That year the Saints finally made it to the superbowl. A local celebrity so frustrated with the Saints never making it to the superbowl proclaimed that he would wear a dress if the Saints ever did make it to the superbowl. Unfortunately Buddy Diliberto (1931 – 2005), the voice of the New Orleans Saints, died before he had a chance to make good on his promise. In January 2010 the Saints did make it to the superbowl and thousands of other men made good on that promise in his honor. It was a fun parade to watch.

Kids played along too.

 Always a large crowd in the french quarter.

Sporting the “Golden Girls” look.

Pigs are flying

Wait – Is that Johnny Depp?

Nice jewels

This guy was fun. We stopped to talk to him for a while.