Tuscan Towns: Montalcino & Abbey of Sant’Antimo

During my Tuscan adventure we took a day trip to the small town of Montalcino and theĀ Abbey of Sant’Antimo. It is an easy day trip from the town of Cortona where we rented a house.


Our trip to Montalcino was so short that I don’t remember much about it. What I do remember is the meal I had there. I can’t exact remember the name of the place we ate but I can tell you it was amazing. It was a meat dish cooked in Brunello wine. I have never had anything quite like it since.

Abbey of Sant’Antimo

As part of the day trip we stopped at the Abbey of Sant’ Antimo. This romanesque church was once home to benedictine monks. If you are lucky you can catch the monks today singing Gregorian chants.

Look at these olives. Yum! I wish I could just pick them off the tree.

After this easy day trip we returned back to our villa and made a home cooked Italian meal using fresh ingredients. I sure miss the villa.