Todd English Food Hall

Caviar Bar at the Food Hall

Last fall I met my good friend in the city for her bachelorette party. Some of us arrived early and decided to start with champagne at The Plaza to celebrate early.

We worked up an appetite so one of the other girls suggested we visit the food hall that was “downstairs”. They led me to the Todd English Food Hall. I am surprised I have never heard of it before because I love food, and there is a ton of it there.
While we were deciding what to eat I got to see many interesting treats.

We decided on the Tartinery for a drink and something to hold us over.

I got a lovely open faced salmon sandwich and a glass of white wine.

I am looking forward to returning on my next trip to NYC.


Last October I had a blast visiting the Abracadabra Superstore in NYC. I just heard about it from a couple different friends. A friend I was visiting New York with wanted to see if she could find a halloween costume there. I wasn’t in the market for a costume but I had a great time looking at all the costumes and halloween decorations.

First we started in the “meat case” of body parts. I love the creepy clown arm!

Next up was the electric chair! It really seemed life-like.

Wandering around the store there are more things to see and every prop you may need.

Even more fun to see is all the costumes that are available to purchase.

If you are in the city, I suggest you stop in for a visit.