Calle del Laurel

One of the best things to do in Logroño is take a tapas stroll down Calle del Laurel. It just so happens that my hotel room is located in the middle of it all.

I only scheduled one evening in town so after some daytime sightseeing I return to my room to freshen up for my food crawl.

During the day the street is easy to navigate but at night it becomes very busy

Logroño does pintxos right. You can find a few cafes that will offer many choices like below.

But what is different about most of this crawl is that there are specialty stops, meaning many places have their item that they do well. In addition most places are paired with a local vintage. So basically you have unique food and wine pairings at each spot.

Logroño really knows how to eat well!

As it gets later the street gets more crowded.

Probably my favorite of the night is Bar Volapie. There are many choices to eat but the specialty is the peel and eat prawns. I enjoyed my prawns and wine.

The crowd keeps getting thicker and I keep getting fuller so it is time to go back to my room. What a great night!

My cute little room

I definitely recommend Logroño as a stop in the region.


Logroño and the Rioja region are beautiful. I regret not spending more time in the region. It deserves multiple days at least.

Logroño is a charming town in the middle of Rioja. It is part of the greater Camino de Santiago (French route) as you can see with all the hikers with their muscular legs and huge backpacks walking all over town. It is a hike I may do some day but definitely not this trip. Only day hikes for me for now!

Not sure why I love this fruit band