Peru 2018! Ollantaytambo

After our day in the sacred valley we drive to Ollantaytambo to see one more sight and check into our hotel for the night.

The drive over is pretty

Way up the cliff is a hotel you zip line to. You stay in capsules.

All the inca trail hikers meet up for a quick photo before our hike tomorrow.

Loving my single room at the lodge.

One more sight before we retire for the night. We do meet up for dinner after but we all really just want to take it easy because our upcoming hike will be hard.

Peru 2018! Sacred Valley

Before we launched into our hike we visited the sacred valley of Peru. We visited a local heritage site where we learned about the Quechuan peoples. We were greeted with tea, a dance, and given local outfits to wear.

We took some fun group photos.

We made some alpaca friends. They just wanted to eat.

We were then lead out to help with the harvest.

At lunch we had a very tasty vegetarian meal made with local foods.

We had discussions about how yarn is colored before being woven into beautiful goods such as rugs and scarves.

The rest of our time we explored the site.