Final Harvest

Today’s harvest will probably be the last until we get early summer tomatoes ( if any). It was probably the best year yet. I wish I know what I did different this year; but I don’t. The great weather and mild winter probably had something to do with it.

Spring is also bringing us herb blooms. 

I am also liking how healthy this lime bush looks. Perhaps I won’t kill all the citrus?

Next up is to see if the blueberry bushes will bring us anything this year. We will see.
For now here is a cat picture….

Tomato Bounty

They did it. The tomatoes survived. They survived some freezes and the survived neglect while we were in India.
We came home from a vacation to this bounty. So far we have used them for salads, lentils, and spaghetti sauce.
The biggest problem is that we cannot eat them fast enough!!!

Some fresh herbs as well.

Winter Harvest

We are in the middle of Florida winter and the tomatoes for the most part have survived the first freeze. Now we are just in harvesting mode. I am ecstatic that I am growing my first Roma and Big Boy (soon to ripe) tomatoes this year.

From Photo Challenge

We are really enjoying our homegrown herb salad mix this year.

From Photo Challenge

Photography update: I purchased Abobe Lightroom a couple of months ago and I am still learning how to use it. My edits may be a little off for a while until I figure out how to make adjustments using Camera Raw in Lightroom.

In other news: I finally looked up how to accurately use a semi-colon “;”. It should make you happy that gradually my blog will be more legible.

For most cities winter provides a plant decline; but for Florida it provides a bountiful harvest. (Is that correct? Do you like that? I think the semi-colon will be my shiny new toy.)

Tomato Herb Planter

Last Saturday we purchased a cherry tomato plant at the Winter Park Farmers market. This purchase led into the ideal of creating a mix herb pot. I had plenty of mini herb plants started from seeds so it seemed like a great idea for a porch plant. The 9 side holes have a mix of marjoram, dill, parsley, cilantro, oregano, sage, and basil. The cherry tomato is planted in the top hole. We are excited about seeing this planter grow.