Brooklyn Botantical Garden

We happened to visit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens during a free period. I would have gladly paid for this amazing garden. A great couple of hours were spent wandering around and viewing all the garden has to see.

Butterfly watching

Great plant name.

I don’t even understand….


This interesting tree fort was built from the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.

We have many of these in Florida too!

Huge ass pine tree

I like the memorial rocks.

Daniel-son trim the tree.

Sensory Garden

These are fun leaves. Very hairy.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden is now on my must return list. There was more we missed and it would be great to check it out during a different season. All hail nature!


Today I was able to witness the final stage of the butterfly life cycle. One of the Swallowtail butterflies decided to stop in and hangout for a bit on the tree that served as its host. Notice in the background an empty pupa that was home to either him or one of his friends.

From Photo Challenge

He was very patient while I excitedly snapped photo after photo of him. I love his under wing coloring.

From Photo Challenge
From Photo Challenge

Finally, he got tired of me harassing him and flew off. Luckily I got this motion photo.

From Photo Challenge

Butterfly Garden

After two days of plant shopping and manual labor, we completed the left side of our new butterfly garden. A special thanks to Palmer’s Garden and Goods who put up with our many questions and gave us great advice on what to plant. We ended up choosing a backdrop of Firebush for a hedge-like look that still provides nectar. The front consists of Porterweed, Salvia, and Pentas.

Here is the before picture of the left front of the house.

One of the pictures of planning how the garden was going to lay out.

Side view of the finished product.

Front view of finished garden.

I chose the Porterweed for my garden because it is used as a larval plant for butterflies. I figured it would be a better way to get butterflies if I keep a host plant in the garden for them. I chose this particular one because it already has a cocoon hanging on its limbs.