Fort Greene

My husband was born in Brooklyn and had an interest in visiting the hospital he was born in. We spent an afternoon wandering around Fort Greene Brooklyn and the Fort Greene Park.
Great views of the city on a beautiful day.
Entrance to the park

Beautiful tree canopies cover the park. One interesting thing is that there were people going around collecting what I believe are the acorns from the trees…not sure why.

While at the park my husband called his mom. She remembers the park and area to be quite dangerous.
These days it is peaceful with people of all walks of life enjoying the park.
Brooklyn is an interesting and diverse borough.

Brooklyn Botantical Garden

We happened to visit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens during a free period. I would have gladly paid for this amazing garden. A great couple of hours were spent wandering around and viewing all the garden has to see.

Butterfly watching

Great plant name.

I don’t even understand….


This interesting tree fort was built from the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.

We have many of these in Florida too!

Huge ass pine tree

I like the memorial rocks.

Daniel-son trim the tree.

Sensory Garden

These are fun leaves. Very hairy.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden is now on my must return list. There was more we missed and it would be great to check it out during a different season. All hail nature!

Yummy African Food

Pumpkin Fritters

My husband and I were wandering around Brooklyn one day looking for a place to have lunch. I did a search on Yelp and Madiba Restaurant appeared in the list nearby. Madiba is a yummy South African restaurant located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

My husband I shared the Shebeen salad. It was quite tasty and a great starter for our main course.

There were so many interesting choices but we decided on the bobotie. It came with rice and and some toppings. It also proved to be a good choice.

We decided to order some pumpkin fritters on the side. Not too sweet, they were great as a side and a dessert.

Pumpkin Fritters

I also loved the African decor and vibe of the place. I saw people relaxing outside. I would love to come back here and chill over a couple hours with a drink and some food. Next time Brooklyn, next time.