Spain: Beautiful Sevilla

One of the places I was most excited about in Spain was Sevilla. Sevilla to me embodied what Spain is: flamenco, paella, guitar music. I know Spain is so much more but Sevilla is essential Spain to me. After some web research, I found a great deal at the botique hotel El Rey Moro. Breakfast was included every morning and the staff was very friendly and helpful. They gave us great advice. I loved waking up each morning to the courtyard (see above) and enjoyed a glass of wine at the table in front of my room while reading a book.

We enjoyed strolling around the city and observing the architecture.

Memorials to Ferdinand and Isabella.They were directly responsible for Columbus “discovering” the new world.

Spanish snacks

Government building

Toro del Oro

Path along the river

Some tapas at Plaza Santa Ana across the river. When we first arrived it was a sleepy tavern with only a few customers. Within minutes the tavern and courtyard were flooded with churchgoers exiting the church.

The next morning we did some more sighting. We walked down to see the Basilica de la Macarena. This church, as well as many other Spanish churches, was very ornate. The basilica hosts the most revered image in Seville, the virgin Mary. This church is located in the neighborhood of the same name..that is also responsible for Los del Río’s hit song Macarena.

Nearby bell tower.

Drinking a beer in Macarena. I really wanted to do the dance but did not want to embarrass myself.

After our early day Macarena experience we wandered around more of Sevilla. We noted many orange trees (not for juicing and eating – mostly good for marmalade) and very cool Banyan trees.

Part of me is really against the sport of bull fighting but a visit to Sevilla would not be complete without a tour of the history of the toreadors. There is a long tradition there that seems to be slowing fading with time.

After hours of touring one must stop for afternoon tapas. This spinach and chickpea dish is one of my favorites.

Later on for dinner we had oxtail and fries

Below is the closest thing we got to authentic paella while we were there (unfortunately). Paella is traditionally served only at certain times and we couldn’t find reliable local advice on where to get the real stuff (most restaurant paella is pre-made and re-heated -> frozen crap). I was real disappointed about that.

And it was off to sleep to have the energy for another day of sightseeing…….

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