High Line

We had a chance to visit the High Line in New York December 2011. The city reused abandoned raised railroad tracks and turned them into a 1.5 mile trail and public park that over looks the streets of West Manhattan.
Our visit was a very cold day and we walked the path as the sun set. I can only imagine the joy that new yorkers get when they use this path during the fall and spring. What a fantastic reuse of city property!

Ice skating rink below the high line and The Standard hotel.

 High Line above a restaurant

 Cherry blossoms on the High Line

Looking down from the High Line

 Window to look down at the street.

 Cool reflection in the window.

Art installation in the trail.

 Apartments along the trail.It is very easy to look into people’s apartments.

 You can look down at a gymnastics facility.

Future areas on the trail.

Empire State building off in the distance.