Fail : 3 Bean Chili

As I have said earlier, this blog is to show my kitchen, garden and photo successes as well as my failures. The 3 bean chili is the first failure I have to share. I was attempting to modify a recipe I found in the Cooking Light : Slow Cooker Cookbook (sorry can’t find a link – I think it is out of print). The following is a link to pretty much the same Mexican Black Bean Chili recipe.

I chose a vegetarian chili because my husband is mostly vegetarian. I found it challenging to replace the flavor lost by omitting beef from the recipe.
I made it 3 bean because we have a crap load of dried beans that we buy in bulk that I wanted to use. For this recipe I used organic black, red (not kidney) and mung beans.

My favorite brand of can tomatoes is Muir Glen Organic. The tomatoes are always so tasty and contain less of the other crap that other canned tomatoes add. We are usually too lazy to use fresh tomatoes for sauce so this is a great substitute.

The multicolor 3-packs of peppers are also great to add lots of fun flavor to recipes. If you want to buy organic like we like to, you are going to have to pay premium $$. Furthermore, many of the organic food we find here in Florida comes from California or Mexico. I personally don’t like it when my food has to travel that far. Hopefully we will soon have crops of our own organic peppers.

What I would have done differently

The chili turned out rather bland. Although the cilantro, sour cream and Monterey jack cheese toppings (the latter two are not mentioned in the online recipe) did help add some flavor. Next time around I would choose another tomato. I love the Fire-Roasted Crushed Tomatoes but they didn’t work for the chili. Next time I will choose either the plum or some other whole tomato. I was afraid the jalapeno would make the chili too spicy. In reality, the chili needed more. In the future I will add more jalapeno (sans seeds) or even throw in some poblano pepper.
Finally, I would add more garlic and a pinch more of some the spices. I will update the blog if I attempt the recipe again in the future.

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